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Here at CHICC we pride itself on 3 core values: fair play, integrity, and mateship. They make our club a friendly environment for our players, parents, coaches, managers, volunteers and sponsors. We encourage all cricketers, no matter of their ability, to enjoy their cricket, work together as a team, play to the best of their ability, and strive to be better. This encouragement is not to the detriment of our core values as we believe there is more to cricket than results on a scoresheet.

Fair Play is a skill taught though the experience of playing with a group of like minded individuals whose core belief is to enjoy cricket and play fair.

Integrity is the fundamental core value of our cricket club. This value is passed down from our Life Members and Masters players who have grown this club to where it is today. Playing by the rules and honour the umpires decisions form how we play our cricket.

Mateship drives the commitment of those in our club. Without mateship, we would not have any of these people to provide the cricket experience CHI prides itself on. We cannot run as a club without our mates helping us out.