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Scoring with PlayHQ E-Score

To live score you need to use the PlayHQ interface. This is a web-based product that is similar in use to the MyCricket Live Score app. The advantage of using PlayHQ is that you can use a browser with any device when you have an internet connection. To score you do need to have administrative access with your PlayHQ account and to get that you need to contact the club to either be given the appropriate login for PlayHQ for your grade or competition, or have your personal account assigned the ability to use PlayHQ to score.

If you ever have any enquiries about the use of PlayHQ E-Score when scoring for CHICC please contact the club or

Points of interest

  1. Scoring for a match that will have internet access
  2. Scoring for a match that may not have internet access
  3. How to use the PlayHQ scoring system to score
  4. How to update score card after match completion without E-Scoring

Scoring for a match that will have internet access

If you have internet access at the match you wish to score, all you need to do is when you are at the match log into the PlayHQ E-Score website that can be found here:


Login with your admin email address and password to start things going. You can now create a session and select the appropriate match that you wish to score for.

Scoring for a match that may not have internet access

If you expect that you will not have internet access at the match, you will need to use the PlayHQ Live Score PWA (Progressive Web App) that can be downloaded through your Google Chrome/Microsoft Edge/Safari/Brave browser. If you are using another browser (such as Firefox) you will need to configure your browser to download PWAs before you can download it. To download PlayHQ Live Score, follow the instructions outlined here:

Download PlayHQ app onto device for no wifi use

The main thing is to go to and click on the icon that is at the end of the window with the internet address in it. Pressing that should allow you to place the PlayHQ Live Score app on your device. Depending on you device and browser that you used to down the app, you should end up with an icon on your device that looks like this:


Once you have the PlayHQ Live Score app, before you go off to the match log into the app, create a session and select the match. Once you have done that you should be able to go off to the match and score even without internet connection. If you do have internet access, the score will be uploaded automatically. If you end up having no internet access, no need to worry, just make sure you do not log off the app before it is uploaded. Once you can connect to the internet again you will be automatically synced when you look at the PlayHQ Live Score App again and you can log off the app.

How to use the PlayHQ scoring system to score

The PlayHQ E-Scoring system is similar to MyCricket Live Score so if you have used that before you should find the transition relatively easy. The main things are that when you log in with your administrative email and password, you need to create a session that allows you to lock the scoring of a match to your login. Once you are finished with scoring you need to unlock that session from the match. This also means that if for some reason the person who is scoring a match becomes unavailable and the scoring needs to switch devices, the current live session needs to be logged out of before the new session on the other device can become active.

There are quite a few online sources that explain how to use the PlayHQ E-Scoring system. Since PlayHQ E-Score is used by various sports, most of the general documentation mentions ‘court’ but that should be translated to ‘ground’. Some of the documents that you may find useful are:

  1. General administrative preparation before a match
  2. PlayHQ game day set up
  3. Brief PDF description of setting up a scoring session
  4. PlayHQ scoring for cricket

How to update score card after match completion without E-Scoring

You can edit a match after you have finished with E-Scoring or after a match has been completed where E-Scoring was not used. You can do this by accessing PlayHQ with your team’s designated scoring log in. The details of the email address and associated password are found on the front of your team’s score book.

The quick breakdown is:

  1. Log into using the scorer’s log in.
  2. Select ‘My Account’.
  3. Select ‘My Teams’.
  4. Click on team you wish to edit.
  5. Go to the match you wish to edit. You can put a team list in for a future match or edit a match that has been completed in the past 5 days.
  6. If you need to edit a match that is either older than five days ago or the system is simply not letting you, please contact the club ( to get access to your desired match.

Here is a video showing an example of how to get to a team to edit:

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